Q. Can you increase the collective daily borrow limit for hoopla please?

Can you increase the collective daily borrow limit for hoopla please?
Every time I go on hoopla it gives me the same message, can you do anything about this. I haven't been able to check out anything, it didn't use to do this.



Thanks for writing in, and I know how frustrating it can be getting those limits. Unfortunately, Hoopla is a pay per use model, which means it costs us a bit of money for every borrowed item. Hoopla is extremely popular and this presents a dilemma for us: This use model is monetarily unpredictable (we don't know how much would be spent in a given month) and we have a finite budget, so we allocate Hoopla a monthly sum spread equally over each day of the month. We've increased this twice since we began to offer Hoopla, and will likely do so again next year, or possibly before YE if feasible. Unfortunately, we don't have the funding to provide unlimited usage.

Something to know is that the daily budget resets at midnight, while it used to do so at 6:00 p.m. ( a very good time). This is likely why you weren't encountering the limit before. That change was made by Hoopla and although we have asked to change it back, they are only taking it under advisement. So if you are a night owl or an early bird those are the best times to check out titles, (you can view/read/listen anytime within the loan period). .

That may help you claim some titles before the money is spent for the day. You can place items in your favorites, and then  perhaps check them out in the morning, then view/read/listen in the evening.  

Thanks again for writing in, as I indicate, Hoopla is popular, but costly, so we're doing the best we can to manage it with patron demand. Please do check out our other digital collections under Download and Stream, such as Kanopy (movies, documentaries, Great Courses,) RB Digital ( magazines),  eBook Central (scholarly and popular ebooks) and of course Overdrive.  We also have a wide and deep collection of online journals under the Research tab on the green navigational menu from the home page. These are all great resources that serve both entertainment and educational needs.  

I manage the digital collections so am happy to assist you in accessing them and appreciate your feedback,

Kind regards



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