Q. How do I download ebooks to my Kindle?



Thanks for contacting us. We’re excited that you want to use our ebooks on your Kindle device.

The following steps will get you started in checking out and downloading ebooks to your Kindle:

1.   On a computer, log in to the Front Range Downloadable Library (overdrive.boulderlibrary.org)—use your Boulder Library Card. 2.   In your Downloadable Book Account, you can:     Find out what you have currently checked out (max of 4).·        See what titles you have on hold (max of 5). 3.   Search for titles.
    • Use the search box if you already know the title you’re looking for. On the results screen, you can limit searches to titles with available copies by using the “Available Now” option in the left-hand box.
    • Browse lists just below the Front Range Downloadable Library logo to see books on a particular topic.
    • Make sure the book is an e-book (icon on the cover is a book, not a set of headphones).
    • To see more about a particular book, click the cover.
 4.   Click “Borrow” when you find a title you like. If your title is already checked out, you may place a hold on it. 5.   Choose the “Download” button, check the correct format (Kindle), then click “Confirm & Download”. 6.  You will be taken to Amazon.com to finish the checkout process.
At  Amazon:
  1. Click “Get Library Book” button.  (If you’re not logged in, you may be prompted to sign in to your Amazon.com account.)
For Most Titles


  • Your title will be downloaded automatically to your Kindle if you have wireless Internet available. Please note that 3G cell phone service does NOT work for downloading library books.
  • You may be asked which Kindle device you want to read your book on (includes Kindle Reading App).
 For Titles When There is No Wireless Internet Available 


·        To see who published a book, look under the author’s name in the book’s record.

·        You will need to transfer the title from a computer to your Kindle via your USB cord.

·        In Amazon.com, go to “Manage Your Content and Devices” on the right-hand side of the menu bar.

·        Find the title you wish to transfer & click on the Actions dropdown menu (it’s a little square with three dots in it just to the left of your title).

·        Choose “Download & Transfer via USB”.

·        Select the Kindle device you want to read on.

·        Save file to the computer desktop.

·        Plug in the Kindle to your computer with the USB cord.

·        The Kindle will appear on your computer.

·        Open Kindle.

·        Open documents folder.

·        Click and drag the book file from the desktop to the documents folder.

·        Eject the Kindle.

·        Your book should appear on your Kindle.


3.      Make sure on the “Deliver To” drop-down that the book is going to your Kindle (some people have more than one Kindle or Kindle app on the same Amazon account).


4.      Click “Get Library Book.” If you are on WiFi, your book will download to your Kindle.


5.      If you are downloading via USB, click “Download Now” on the next screen.


6.      Wait a few minutes and your book will show up on your home page. Tap the book and read!


Returning your eBook early:

When your title is due, it will automatically be “returned” to the library. If you want to return your eBook early, follow these steps.


1.   Go to “Manage Your Content and Devices” under Your Account on the upper right-hand corner of  Amazon.com’s site.

2.   Click on the small box with three dots in the “Actions” column next to the title you wish to return.

3.   Choose “Return this book” (to return the book to library circulation).

4.   Repeat steps one and two.

5.   Choose “Delete from library” (to delete the title from your Kindle’s book list).


Note: Amazon.com will send you an email close to the due date of your title. Within the email, you will be offered the opportunity to buy the book.  Boulder Public Library has nothing to do with this email.


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