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Can I just do a basic search on the library site to see all the dvds or all the music cds available without putting in a title, etc.?

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Thanks for contacting us.  There is a way to browse the DVD titles and Music CDs, as well as to limit to certain locations (Main, Reynolds, the entire Flatirons Library Consortium etc).

1. Go to the catalog page  and click on Search DVDs or Search Music CDs below the search field.

2. On the page that opens you can enter an asterisk *  in the search field instead of a title.  You can also change the scope of the search from the entire FLC consortium (Boulder's 3 branches, Louisville, and Broomfield)  to just a single location or group of locations (only the Boulder locations).   

3. The result list will be a list of records with the newly cataloged ones appearing first. Note that this search includes Nonfiction, Children's, Feature films etc for DVDs and all types of Music for the Music search


Another way to search is to use the Advanced keyword search (click on Advanced search on the link I listed above) brings you to this page  

1. From here you can enter more limiters after you enter the asterisk *.  You can choose Feature Films (which would exclude Nonfiction documentary content)  or you can enter a certain subject for Music or Film .

2. After you set your subject limits, scroll a bit on the page and select the appropriate material type (DVD or Music CD)

3. Scroll a bit more and you will see the limits by location (Boulder, Broomfield etc).

Also, I want you to know of a page on our Find a Great Read guide.  (click on the icon on the upper right of the library home page--  From this guide you can see NEW ARRIVALS and there is a section for new DVDs and Music CDs.

Lastly (whew!)  I'd like you to know about our digital music collections Alexander Street and Freegal, which are downloadable and streaming music.   In February, we will be launching a new resource called Hoopla, which is music, movies, and audiobooks streamed to your computer or device., so please look for that. We'll have a new digital collections page to browse and explain all the ins and outs of these resources.

Likely I've told you more than you really wanted to know, but hoping you will find it useful!

Give us a call if you have additional questions or need more help crafting a search.

Sincerely, Gina Reference Dept 303-441-3194


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