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When will PowerSpeak be available for Apple devices?

As I understand it, PowerSpeak isn't available for iOS devices, because it requires Adobe Flash to run, and Flash isn't supported on iOS devices. Will PowerSpeak be revamped so that it can be used on iOS devices? A large number of library patrons have iOS devices, and thus are barred from learning languages through their library. (Mango isn't rigorous enough to be a good alternative.) myself, and many others, would love an iOS version of PowerSpeak. As an alternative, is the library considering acquiring Rosetta Stone?
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Thanks for contacting us.  We have not renewed our PowerSpeak subscription for 2016 (we had a notice up for several months on the Language learning page).  While Powerspeak did not support the use of microphones on the MAC,( as you note for Adobe Flash reasons) one could use the software on a Mac.  

We did have a trial use of Rosetta and Mango also for several months. After careful consideration, and feedback from patrons and staff, we decided to go with the Mango subscription.  Rosetta offered only first level instruction at a comparable cost with Mango--Mango offered autoplay feature for learning hands free/ offline while traveling and also offered more ESL language for non-English speakers.  While Rosetta does have the brand recognition, their library product is fairly new, and not the same as the subscription model they offer to consumers.  We felt both products were strong, and the consensus was about evenly split on preference for the interface (they are two different learning styles--so it is a somewhat subjective preference).  

I appreciate your feedback for PowerSpeak and other learning products-- We quite often evaluate our database subscriptions, and will again in the future compare language learning products available to libraries. 

Thank you again for your feedback and taking the time to write-- I very much appreciate your input.

Sincerely Gina

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